Ultimately, it’s about taking control of your life, whether that be spiritually, financially, the relationships or friendships you have, anything that slows you down that needs to be stripped away. Acquiring freedom to express without inhibition. Sometimes we care so much about the thoughts of others we lose ourselves and momentarily become what others want or expect whilst suppressing who we really are.


“Take Control”, far more than a song, is a way of elevation. Hugginsuses her lavish vocals – which earned her a place as a finalist in theBBC’s Gospel Choir of The Year, not once, but twice – to uplift us from personal ruts and political gloom.A genre-spanning canvas,bringing the colours of jazz, soul and disco, “Take Control” is a welcomed distraction from not only the pressures of our day-to-daylives, but far the more enduring issues of institutionalised racism that continues to affect Huggins’ community.